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Expanding your horizon,

one shot at a time

In each shot we'll dive into a different data science challenge, demonstrating tools, concepts and methodologies.

So what's a shot? It's a single video shot that starts with an empty Jupyter Notebook, and finishes with a working solution.

Join the learning!

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Superposition Unveiled in LLMs

In this shot we'll investigate superposition in LLMs! Superposition is a phenomenon where an entity exists in multiple states simultaneously. But what does this have to do with LLMs?... We'll explore superposition by combining two distinct pieces of text into a single superposed text. Then, we'll test if a frozen LLM can still access and utilize the information from the original texts, when exposed to the superposed text! If the model succeeds in the task, it means that superposition is inherent to the way LLMs work. Join us as we uncover the hidden workings of these AI systems!

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The Hosts

Yoel Zeldes

Algorithm Developer

  • LinkedIn
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Over 14 years of experience as a software engineer and algorithm developer in various domains, including NLP, recommender systems, vision, and cybersecurity.

I am passionate about good quality code, interesting ideas and sophisticated algorithms. I love encountering elegant equations while trying to solve real-life problems.

Shuki Cohen

Data Scientist

  • LinkedIn
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Seasoned Data Scientist with an emphasis on NLP, classical ML, visualization and experimentation.


Driven by great passion for the field, I am inspired by unintuitive insights and inferences made by smart algorithms. In my talks, I try to convey my typical spirit and enthusiasm while delivering crisp takeaways.

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