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In each shot we'll dive into a different data science challenge, demonstrating tools, concepts and methodologies.

So what's a shot? It's a single video shot that starts with an empty Jupyter Notebook, and finishes with a working solution.

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ChatGPT Goes Beyond Its Knowledge Cut-Off With External Database Integration

In this video, we demonstrate the power of ChatGPT, a highly advanced language model 🤖 developed by OpenAI. However, as the model’s knowledge cutoff is 2021, it may not be aware of the most recent developments 😢. To combat this, we utilized TechCrunch as a source for up-to-date information 🗞️: We scraped it, and using OpenAI’s API, we embedded it into a high-dimensional vector space. Now, when a user asks a question, instead of solely relying on ChatGPT’s knowledge, we retrieve the most relevant item from the TechCrunch database (using vector similarity), resulting in a smarter and more informed response 💪 Watch as we put this enhanced version of ChatGPT to the test and see the impressive results for yourself! 👀

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The Hosts

Yoel Zeldes

Algorithm Developer

  • LinkedIn
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Over 14 years of experience as a software engineer and algorithm developer in various domains, including NLP, recommender systems, vision, and cybersecurity.

I am passionate about good quality code, interesting ideas and sophisticated algorithms. I love encountering elegant equations while trying to solve real-life problems.

Shuki Cohen

Data Scientist

  • LinkedIn
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Seasoned Data Scientist with an emphasis on NLP, classical ML, visualization and experimentation.


Driven by great passion for the field, I am inspired by unintuitive insights and inferences made by smart algorithms. In my talks, I try to convey my typical spirit and enthusiasm while delivering crisp takeaways.

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