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One Shot Learning's

Anniversary Fest

Monday, 22 May 2023 18:30

ZipRecuiter’s office - HaArba'a St 30, southern building, floor 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Wrapping a year full of content (11 shots, 2 chasers and live performances), the Anniversary Fest is going to be the biggest event we've ever had!

At this festive event, you'll get a branded shot glass (with our logo on it), 'cause otherwise how would you drink?! Your shots will be filled by well-known bartenders! But not thanks to their bartender skills ;)  We recruited the greatest names in the Israeli AI scene to fill up your shots with excellent alcohol and tell you juicy nuggets about data science.


Then, we'll do something we've never done before... We'll record a new shot with a live audience - YOU! 

So what's on the menu?

18:30 - Arriving sober to ZipRecruiter
18:45 - Bartenders sh
ots round
19:30 - Comfy and chill break
19:45 - LIVE Shot #12
20:45 - Mingling t
21:00 - Going home less sober

Bartenders Shot Round

You’ll have the chance to fill your brand new shot glass in five different bartender stations (snacks included). We managed to bring top notch AI leaders for you! Here are a few words about them:

Rachel Wities

🍸 NLP & Medical AI

Working as a Data Scientist at Microsoft Health, as well as the co-founder of the MeDS (Medical Data Science) community, Rachel will be the ideal bartender for chit chatting NLP & AI in the medical realm.

Shaked Zychlinski

🍸 Recommender Systems

After recommending content to millions of people at Lightricks and Taboola, you should definitely let Shaked recommend your next shot!

Dima Goldenberg

🍸 ML for Business Impact

Experienced with causal uplift modeling, pricing optimization and ML product leadership - Dima got it all to drive business impact in unconventional ways!

Uri Elyabayev

🍸 AI & Community

If you don’t know Uri already, open the TV! Besides leading the MDLI community, Uri loves to spend his time stretching his holistic theses on AI in the near future.

Nir Ben-Zvi

🍸 Computer Vision

His extensive track record in Computer Vision mixed with some cynical humor will make you want to refill your glass time after time!

🔴 Live Shot!
For the first time ever, we will shoot a live shot with you.

In our 12'th shot, we'll dissect a Vision Transformer to learn its inner working, providing you with tips and techniques you can use in the real world... No more spoilers!

Join us to an event that is a blend of alcohol and data science - we bet you haven't had one yet!

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