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One Shot Learning's

2nd Anniversary Fest

Monday, 24 June 2024 18:30

AI21 Labs’ office - Da vinci TLV, Leonardo da Vinci St 14, 4 Floor, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Sponsored by Wix

Wrapping two years full of content (15 shots, 2 chasers and live performances), the Anniversary Fest is going to be an event you won't forget!

At this festive event, you'll get a branded shot glass (with our logo on it), 'cause otherwise how would you drink?! Your shots will be filled by well-known bartenders! But not thanks to their bartender skills ;)  We recruited the greatest names in the Israeli AI scene to fill up your shots with excellent alcohol and tell you juicy nuggets about data science.

Then, we'll record a new shot with a live audience - YOU! 

So what's on the menu?

18:30 - Arriving sober to AI21 Labs
18:45 - Bartenders shots round
19:30 - Comfy and chill break
19:45 - LIVE Shot #16
20:45 - Mingling t
21:00 - Going home less sober

Bartenders Shot Round

You’ll have the chance to fill your brand new shot glass in five different bartender stations (snacks included). We managed to bring top notch AI leaders for you! Here are a few words about them:

Matty Mariansky

🍸 AI Art

The man behind 'The Rise of the Machines' which is basically the only reason most of us still have an active Facebook account 😅. Matty is highly active in the applied world of GenAI and has recently been diving deep into generative art 👨🏼‍🎨. You definitely want to join him for a cocktail!

Matty Mariansky.jpeg

Hofit Bata

🍸 Foundation Models

A sharp foundation models researcher at AI21 Labs. Just like she loves diving with sharks(!), Hofit is not afraid to dive deep into the intricate architecture of models, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with her cutting-edge work. Fun fact: she was selected to be on the prestigious 40 under 40 list 👑.

Hofit Bata.jpeg

Dean Pleban

🍸 MLOps

Dean, CEO of DAGsHub, is the serial entrepreneur who dives into startups while the rest of us only dream about it. He knows every data science group in Israel and hosts The MLOps Podcast, featuring global heavyweights like Yannic Kilcher and Julien Chaumond. Fun fact: Dean's also a fan of mixing cocktails, making his stand a must-visit.

Dean Pleban.jpg

Roy Miara

🍸 Embeddings

Leading the technical engineering team at the Israeli powerhouse, Pinecone, Roy is insanely knowledgeable about GenAI technologies and everything related! He also has rich experience as a bartender - he's going to shake things up for us!

Roy Miara.jpeg

Omri Allouche

🍸 Speech

Leading data science and AI research at, Omri is a force to be reckoned with. Beyond his groundbreaking work at, he has been teaching for many years at Bar-Ilan University and Y-Data, becoming a magnet for all data science leaders in Israel. Don't miss the chance to connect with him and gain some incredible insights!

Omri Allouche.jpeg

🔴 Live Shot!
The main attraction of the event will be shooting a live shot with you.

In our 16'th shot, we'll take the groundbreaking Speculative Decoding paper to new heights (missed it? Check out shot #14)! Get ready for a novel and surprising approach we've developed ourselves... No more spoilers!

Join us to an event that is a blend of alcohol and data science - we bet you haven't had one yet!

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